Athletic Eligibility Requirements



    • Minimum 2.0 GPA from previous Semester
    • Student must have no more than 2 courses in need of recovery per Semester


    • Participation Fee – $50.00 (if the athlete makes the team – no fee to tryout); 
    • Each Additional Sport – $30.00
    • Total Cap Per Student – $80.00
    • Total Cap Per Family – $130.00 (same school, each school year)


Athletic Forms


Any questions please contact the coach of the sport or the
Athletic Director Brelon Jones at (727) 774-8200.

Athletics Matrix (2022-23)

Fall Sports

Head Coach: Jack Starr

Assistant Coach:  Bill Nero

Assistant Coach:  Brelon Jones


Varsity Coach: Amy Kunzinger

JV Coach:  Lauren Lisowski



Varsity Coach: Bill Nero

JV Coach: Brelon Jones

Coach: Brent Leavitt


Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Head Boys: Robert Leidel

   Asst Track: Bill Nero

Head Girls: Kathrine Foley

   Asst Track: TBD